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The Youth Development Team at NYY is funded by North Yorkshire County Council through the Enhanced Youth Provision contract.

There are two main aspects to the team’s work:

  • Support and advice for volunteer-led community youth clubs and projects

  • Recruitment and support of adult volunteers befriending 14-19yr olds in North Yorkshire as part of the Buddy Network

The Youth Development Team consists of a Youth Development Manager and a team of Youth Development Workers covering the whole county. Use the menu on the left to learn more about how we can help.

If you require any further information about NYY group membership please contact us.

Youth Blog

  • Wednesday, July 29, 2020 - 16:51
    Countywide Quiz

    On Friday 17th July we hosted a countywide quiz via zoom to help celebrate the start of the school summer holidays. We had 7 teams in all, made up of young people and their youth leaders. We had 6 different categories and a picture quiz halfway through.  The picture quiz was all about working out references to sweets and chocolate, there were some that were trickier to work out than others, and others that were just say what you see type clues (and a bit cheesy), it certainly kept us busy for a while. We had a great night and plan to do this again later in the year, being able to do this virtually worked really well enabling us to host a countywide activity, without groups having to travel for hours to get to an event. Well done to Colburn Youth club who were the winning team! Who will take up the challenge of taking them on next time?!