Youth Development

Our support service for voluntary youth work provides information, advice and guidance for youth clubs and projects in North Yorkshire and beyond. We have a range of resources and training to support you in developing provision for young people in your community. 

The NYY team can help you start to work through the things you will need to put in place to run safe and fun activities for young people. Please get in touch if you require assistance, want us to visit or have any questions. 

We have a range of guides to help you set up a youth club or project, and there are many other organisations who can assist, support and provide guidance:

Safe Network
The Safe Network provides small community groups with loads of valuable information and resources to help you run safe activities and projects. In 2010 NYY felt that the information and support given by the Safe Network was so good we became Safe Network Champions. 

Charity Commission (specifically this page)
The Charity Commission website has an area especially for small groups and projects. You most probably don’t need to register with the Charity Commission, but they do have some great resources for you to use. 

North Yorkshire Infrastructure Organisations
There are a number of organisations across North Yorkshire that offer local kowledge and support for small charities and community groups. You can find out who they are and what they do by visiting the North Yorkshire and York Forum website.